on the weekend i went to my dads and we went to get my cusin nicole and she slept nat my house and we watched a film on netflix and then we played on the ipad on ludo it was fun of course i won the game then we went to sleep then we woke up and had cornflakes then we had sunday dinner and then we went up stairs and done gymnastic things then we had an ice cream and then we went down stairs then we went to the shore to take my uncles dad out and i wore my wellys and i was jumping over the waves it was fun then it was time to go home and i was tierd and i really needed a drink so we walked fast then we went to the car and stopped at the shop and i got a sprite then i went home and i had a hot cross bun the me my dad and colin played ludo and then i won then it was bed time so i wated a film then went to sleep by amy lee walker.