Wedding Day

On Septmber the 8th 2012 my mam and dad were getting married we got up at 7:45 because my dogs were going into kennels so we got up then but my dad slept at home and so did my mam but it is supposed to be bad luck to sleep with your husband to be the night before the wedding but there was no bad luck at all we had breakfast then my dad went round to his best mans house Brian me my mam and my little sister stayed home my nanna and auntie came over and was just smiling we all got changed my mam looked beatuiful my dress was red and my mams was ivory my little sisters was white everyone said my little sister looked like a mini bride.After we were all changed the limo come to pick us up everyone was outside because they knew it was my mams wedding day i seen two of my friends out there the wee by my gate when we got out and got into the limo the limo was awesome it had a mirror above you and you looked funny and it had mini lights going round it i loved the limo there was champagne my mam had a glass there was no drinks for the kids that were in the limo.Finally we got to the church everybody was inside we walked in i was so happy it was that day my Auntie and Uncle from America came and my Uncle from Australia came and my Cousin Shan from South Sea came i have never met Shan before but i did on the wedding day my Uncle from Australia recorded the wedding i was walking down the isle and i was thinking who was missing this special day my dad’s dad my mam’s dad my great grandma a lot of people but they were still there in sprit but not in person my mam and dad said their vows and they were offically husband and wife!My mam light a candle for her dad and i was playing with the top of my dress and the person who took the picture it looked like i had my hand on my heart but i liked the picture.After the church we went to vulcans park for some pictures took i had a picture took on my own on the round about i liked the picture.Later on we went to Workington Legion to have the party it was really good i got a picture took with my Auntie, Uncle,Uncle,Cousin i loved it we opened up the food yum yum it was delicous i enjoyed it.My Mam and Dad had there first dance to love is my witness by Westlife and my Mam and Auntie Gemma my mams sister had a dance together to I’ll see you again by Westlife because her dad wasn’t there to do the dance it was a great party i enjoyed the party that much i can remember it still too day.After the night had finished my Mam and Dad went to stay in the Washington Hotel over the road i had to go home with my Auntie back to my house and my nanna looked after us i enjoyed the wedding.
By Demi Elliott