today at school

today i got up and got dressed then i went to school then first I done rock challenge then I went back to class and we had to do a test in assertive mentoring maths so I had to move to miss Lewis’s class so I done my test then I went to assembly then I went outside and had hot chocolate and biscuit then I helped do it then I went back to class and went to computer room and made another blog then I went back to class and started planning for our rainforest story then it was dinner time and I felt sick so I went of dinner and then it was in time so I went back into class and we done some planning on the story till 2:55 the we played a game and we had to work as a table and make a sentence with the word that come on the board but our table had To put claws in the sentence then we got a sticker then it was home time so I went home and I went to my room because me and Ellie are doing something but we can’t tell any one cos you will find out soon then I packed up and went down stairs and had a go on my iPad and then I went to bed and watched Amy lee walker

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