today i went to school and first i done rock challenge then i came back to class and done our read write ink and we had to do two units and then we wennt outside annd there was no hot chocolate then i went back to class and done my easter card and miss petre said mine was fantastic so then i went back to my group and demi and anya are in my group then practiced our animal rainforest thing then we went to dinner and after dinner i stayed in and done my advert with anya then i went back to class and then we done our acctual thing then i went back to class and we were lineing up to go down to the easter play and the school watched us and then the parents watched us and i was in the choir so i got to sing in it and my mam nana and dayton my brother came and then it was home time so then went and got my stuff and went home when i got back i played on my ipad and then i practices on my guitar cos i have started guitars with mr cursen so my dad bought me a guitar for my last birthday and then i went in the bath and then i went down stairs and had some golden nuggets (they are cereal) and watched tele and then went to bed and writed a blog and now i am going to go to amy lee walker