science show !!!!

Today at school,in the afternoon we had a science show it was really really good he got a bowl and he put a load of nitrogen and he said that it was -200 degrees celsius and he put the banana in the bowl and he turned it into hard instead of soft and squishy so he asked a child to go up and nail it into the wood and he did and the banana actually nailed it into the wood.Then he said he had an assistant with him and he said it isn’t really much of a assistant it was a sphere on to a little box with wires sticking out of the box and it had electricity and another two children went up and they had to hold the wires and hold hands and the electricity traveled through their bodies and over to the other person so it was really fun.He then said he had a spud gun but it doesn’t look very much like a spud gun it was a metal pipe with some spuds and a stick he then put the potato in the pipe in both ends he then pushed one end with the spud in a little bit further down and then he stuck the stick in and kept pushing it down until the potato popped out the other end it was really good too.By Demi Elliott

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