Red nose day

On the 15th of March it was red nose day and we had to dress up “funny for money” we could go dressed up in onsies pjs or just funny clothes or in your uniform if you didn’t want to take part i went in my onsie with my nerd glasses on with my red flossies it was a really fun day we had to do our respect posters well finish them off.In the morning we got into our guided reading groups and half of the class went to robotics and half of us went to multi skills my group went to multi skills but two people out of the group went to robotics first multi skills was really good we had to wait a couple of minutes but it was really fun,first of all we had to work on our arms for when we run and then we got into partners and we had to through a ball to your partner i was with Kian then we hd to swap balls and change partners but not with another partner we just had to change positions with your partner then we had to change partners with someone else then i went with Anya it was really good at multi skills.Then in the afternoon we had miss Lewis for a little bit because mrs Eppy had went out and she let us watch her class on video doing the harlem shake then we asked if we could do it so we did the harlem shake and she recorded us it was really good we all enjoyed it.
By Demi Elliott