My little cousin coming round

On Monday 15th of April my little cousin came round after school at half past three he came in and I was upstairs so when I came down he was sat on my mams knee i said to him boo and hello and he just smiled he opens his mouth as wide as he can to smile he is really funny he was looking at our fish tank and was just staring then he said cat it is so cute when he says it i love him to bits my little sister rang my nanna and told her to bring some of his toys over so she did and then my mam sent me over to get the high chair for him to have his tea i had to take it back over when my mam had gone to work i took it back over i came back over and my Auntie my little cousins mam came round for him and she said should i take him round and put him in the bath or just stay here another 15 minutes and miss his bath and just give him his supper and put him to bed then my dad said put him in the here so we put my little cousin in our bath he really enjoyed it I could tell it in his face he was really enjoying it he was splashing a lot when he came out of the bath my dad got him dried and put his pjs on after a couple of minutes he went home then i had to go back over to my nannas and put the toys back into the house i loved seeing my little cousin i love him!

By Demi Elliott