I went to swimming

On Saturday I went to town with my friend Danielle and her friend came to and we went into town and got a subway yum yum it was really nice we then went to have a look around my friend wanted in next so we did and my friend was disappointed because the dress that she likes was gone and she was really sad then we went into claire accessories and when we were in there,there was a person on a scooter like a motorbike pulling a man in a table I think it was and he was saying things and singing songs my other friend didn’t want to go near cause she didn’t want him to let her speak in the microphone. Then me and my friend Danielle went to the swimming baths it was fun the big pool was really really warm we went into the deep end and we just kept jumping in we enjoyed it a lot we got in at 2:15 and we had a session until 4:00 we stayed in till 4:00 there was a kid and his dad asked to separate the pool so he could practice he was really good
By Demi Elliott

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  1. I saw him too he was singing to my mam!!!!!

    Anya m

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