I got a IPad

Today after school I got into the car and my dad said that we have to go to Pets At Home so we pulled up outside Pets At Home and we got out and my dad said go and see if the lights in the fish tanks are on so I went to through the door and he said bye and I had a tear in my eye and my dad then had tears in his eyes but I only had a tear in my eye because od the wind but I was thinking where are you going but then he walked into Currys and Pc World and I clicked so we went into there and I went straight to were the IPads are and I was playing on one then my dad said so you want the 4th generation the new one and I said yeah then he went what colour and i said black so we went over with the man my dad knew him and we sat down and my dad had to do all the stuff and then the man who my dad knew said something about a Mi Fi it is just like a Wifi but when you go out in the car I can connect to the Internet as well as my little sister on her Samsung Galaxy Tablet and my dad and mam on their IPhones and I got a case with as well I really like my IPad

By Demi Elliott