Going to Blackpool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year in October Me,my Sister,my Mam,my Dad,my Auntie,my little Cousin,my Uncle,my Nanna,my Nanna’s partner Tony,went to Blackpool when we got there we got into our hotel and we got our keys for our rooms my room was the best there was a bunk bed a single bed and a double bed but my auntie and nanna and my uncle and cousin and nannas partner put there things in our room until we got back.First we went to Sandcastle Waterpark it was really fun we all got changed and went into the pool except my nanna’s partner he didn’t want to go in so he sat out in the food area and waited i went in the deep pool first my dad couldn’t find me he was searching until he saw me there was some rocks and a waterfall was coming over but not right in the sky just over the rocks,then i went through this river creek it pulled you along you could swim and go under two waterfalls it was really good i went in it about a thousand times i really enjoyed it,i then went on something called thunder falls waterslide with my nanna she went on the yellow one and i went on the blue one we raced but she won the yellow one is shorter than the blue one so she won the game i went on that slide like a thousand times aswell it was really cool my dad and my uncle went on something called duelling dragons they raced aswell my dad won though i think then my mam and my auntie went on they both came down at the same time though.Then i went on something called Treetops water chutes it was great i went on the middle one my auntie went on the right hand side on and my nanna went on the left hand side on it was really good i went on that one about one million times i had a great time in the swimming pool then i had to go to have a look in the shops so we did i had a look in primark but i did not get anything there was nothing really there for me but there was for my sister so she got some socks and pj’s we then went for something to eat we had a mcdonalds for a treat because me and my sister were really good i got a cheese burger and chips and a coke and my sister got a hamburger and chips and a coke.Once we had been there we had a look around again we walked up to the tower and we seen a two people that had been on the xfactor called Disco faces i got a picture with them with there masks on it was cool my auntie got there dvd it was cool she said i really loved Blackpool my dad and mam said we might go back the don’t know but i hope we do.
By Demi Elliott

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  1. Very interesting Demi it sounds fun.
    From daniel

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