Going to Bishop Auckland

On Sunday the 7th of April me my mam my dad my sister and my nanna went to Bishop Auckland to see my Auntie Alice when we got there we went in and my Auntie has fostered a dog from Romania her name is Bella she was barking a lot and a lot but she said it was because she was scared but she was quiet a little while later me and my auntie Alice were talking in the kitchen and she got this chocolate duck cake out it is not a real cake made out of duck it was really nice after that me my sister and my auntie Alice went and took her little dog Penny for a walk i really enjoyed it on the way back from Bishop Auckland we stopped to get something to eat we got a chip shop i had chips and a sausage yum yum it was really nice i enjoyed it next time we go to see my auntie Alice we are going to stop over i enjoyed going to see my Auntie Alice!!!!!!!!
By Demi Elliott