Extreme Reading by Callum Ridley

I picked Aladdin for my book this is my favourite Disney book its about the Sultan of Agrabah was searching for a lamp hidden in the cave of wonders. In the morning at Agrabahs marketplace a boy called aladdin and his monkey, Abu they stole a apple Aladdin loves princess Jasmine. Aladdin went in prison for stealing Agrabah hide in a old man costume he said “I now how to get you out of hear and get you treasure to impressed the princess in the caves of wonders.” Aladdin went for the lamp and Abu got a giant ruby then the floor turned in to lava Aladdin got his flying carpet and flew up to the top give the and pushed Aladdin off the flying carpet and Abu bit Agrabah hand and got the lamp they wished to get out of the cave the nexted wish was better clothes the princess dad said you can have Jasmine.