extreme reading

my extreme reading is going to be sea quest :kraya the blood shark: the last of the first series of sea quest.a boy called Max and his fishing dog called rivet with the help of the merryn princess Lia and her sword fish spike have already defeated three of the robobeasts chephlox the cyber squid,slida the electric eel and manak the silent predater. The four must head to the black caves to vs the last and powerfuliest of the robobeasts kraya the blood shark and also vs the power that has created the robobeasts the profresor and get back the last piece of the skull of thallos. they already got the over three.When Max,Lia,spike a d rivet finally get Maxs dad back and get all the inprisoned merryn and people back.All the aquarons get to a submersible and luanch to aquara while the merryn people swim with the subs. By Nathan Mckeating