Christmas 2012!!!!!!!!

On the 25th of December 2012 it was Christmas Day i was so happy i got a electric guitar and a stunt scooter and a 32″ inch TV i got some clothes and some tech deck things they are mini skateboards i got some pencils and pens and writing books but i went round to my Auntie’s house to see my little cousin he got a lot of mickey mouse things he loves mickey mouse and Jake and the Neverland pirates he was so excited but he was more interested in the wrapping paper because it was fun to play with i guess my Auntie and Uncle told me to sit down and close my eye’s so i did i was like what are they doing they then passed me a envelope and it said To Demi i was like ok it is a Christmas card i opened it and it was a ticket i wondered what kind of ticket at first then i noticed it was a Jessie J ticket i was so surprised i was just smiling all the time my Auntie and Uncle were just watching me like i was on the stage i was nearly going to cry with excitement my Auntie said i am pleased you like it so you better get learning her songs again because we are going in November i was like what date and she said the 1st of November at Manchester arena i was like thank you thank you thank you they said it’s ok we then went home and my Mam and Dad started making Christmas Dinner i loved it yum yum !!

By Demi Elliott