Buying fish

On Friday 15th me and my sister went with my Auntie and Uncle and my little cousin to Carlise for some fish for my uncle’s new tank,then when we got to Carlise my auntie bought a fish tank for me and my sister.Then we went for some fish we got one fish each and one to share they are really lovely we are going to get to get some more fish.When we got home my Dad and my Auntie helped us set it up.There goldfish not tropical.My Auntie really likes one of our fish she said that she wants to take it home!!
By Demi Elliott

3 thoughts on “Buying fish

  1. Are all your fish goldfish? I really like angel fish, I think they are really graceful, I like clown fish because they look really funny and we used to have some electric blue neon fish that darted around the tank.

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