awesome day at school!!!!!

Today at school we done a spelling test in the morning we done 70 words argh!! Then we done a maths test and once we done that we went to assembely at 10:00 the sea cadets and the marine’s where doing the assembly the marine’s are the army cadets they told us about what they done and that if we wanted to join we could 10 year old’s have to join the juniors and the older ones like 13 14 15 16 do the senior ones there is one teacher that teaches engineering and he told us that there was one girl that done engineering and is now at universety doing marine engineering that is really good.After assembly they told us we could go outside when it was playtime and they had a motor boat and that we could sit on it and pretend to drive the boat it was really good and the marine teacher had a little bit and he was telling us that they put everything on your back and you run and things like that and he gave us all a sweet and he said don’t bite it just suck it i got a yellow one i had a great day at school!!!
By Demi Elliott