awesome day at louis

On saturday 16 feburary I went to louis b house at ten oclock in the morning.Louis dad was supposed to take Louis around to mine then my dad take us to the swimming baths but instead Louis dad went to the swimming baths and waited for my dad and me so I phoned Louis dad up and asked were he was at and he said they were at the swimming baths so me and my dad went to the swimming baths and me and Louis and me went swimming baths for two hours.than Louis dad picked me and Louis up and we went to Louis house.than we went on one of the games I took aroud called conduit two I kept on beating Louis but he got me sometimes.Than two of Louis dads friends came around.Than me and Louis dad,Louis and one of Louis dad friends called Zoe took us to asda and got some stuff for tea then went spar for some more stuff and went back to Louis and waited for tea.We had spegeti bolinges with garlic bread than Louis dad and Louis took me home.On the way home we saw Venus.I got home at 8:30 at night.By Nathan Mckeating.

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