A trip to treasure

Today at school we done our big write it was about the Rainforest my story was called A trip to treasure which in the title it aliterates trip to treasure that’s what aliterates i liked my story because we could put anyone in it at all like your friend from America or Australia i put my friend called Anya and Ellie and Jessie J was in it but i only put one famous person in it so there wasn’t a list of names going on and on if you know what i mean i done 9 paragraphs but the last one was just about what i liked about the Rainforest which is a paragraph anyway i liked my story because something happened and i saved everyone’s life even the animals because there was a fire and i thought to myself and i wrote it down i put this i remembered what my Grandad taught me when he was alive to put out fires! That was a little bit of my story i liked that bit the most.We wall got a sweet each but only two tables got a sweet then we had to go to the library van and choose a book i picked something about a horse which it looked really good i read the first page and the blurb and it sounded really good so i got that one some people got Flash books but i don’t even know what they are i don’t know who flash is that’s why i didn’t get the book.We then went back to writing our story’s Mrs.Eppy told us to close our eyes and remember where we were in our story’s and i remembered i was in a little wooden house with straw for a roof i really liked the idea of that. My literacy table had to put clauses in i put a couple in.We all ate our sweets i had a strawberry flavor one yum yum!!!
By Demi Elliott