A cool day at school !!!!

Today at school we had a puppet show in assembly and before that Mrs Eppy had to go out so we had Miss Lewis for a while and we had a word and we had to find out the definition for it my word was Reflectiveness and we had to make a poster each and they might go on the wall in the class we had to get as many definitions on what it meant it means reflecting back on the past it was really fun we got a picture of what animal repersents the word reflectiveness and it was a tortoise i used to have one as a pet but we got rid of him so he could go to hibernate and meet other tortoise’s anyway lets get back to the work i was on about so when we had finished a couple of our definitions i found out we printed a picture out because i am not very good at drawing so i printed one out and stuck it on it was a cartoon one waving his hands it was funny it was really good i enjoyed working as a team because you can get to know people a lot more so you get friends by working in groups in my group there was Me,Ellie,Anya,Ruth,Amy,Jack L we had a great time it was really good i enjoyed it.
By Demi Elliott