A Car trip

Today 6th of April i had a really busy day my dad come into my room to wake me up and it was only 9:08 i was like why?? He said we had to take my nanna’s car down to ATS to get it’s MOT done so i got dressed went downstairs and got my hair done and then my nanna woke up and my mam and dad said me and my little sister could just stay with my nanna because they were only going down in the car dropping it off and walking back up so I was laughing in my head because they had to walk in the cold then when my dad and my mam came back me and my dad and my mam went into town i bought some tops and two iphone cases yeah i was happy we then had a look around town we then went to Asda and my little sister was not with us so we did not have to waste time messing around with her so we got her some of the pants she wears and a top a peppa pig top we took them home to her and she was happy.When we were at home I got bored so I went out on my scooter but without my phone then my dad shouted of me to come and get my phone so i got it and put my scooter away and went back to my friends backgarden and he pulled all the springs off his trampoline except for four of themso it was like two sofa’s and a bed in the middle we all went under the trampoline and just talked and sat and laughed and we had covers over us it was great fun i really enjoyed today all i need to have now is my tea yum yum!!!!!!!!!!!
By Demi Elliott