U Can Shine

Yesterday in school we began our U Can Shine programme. We learnt what is was all about and how to raise our aspirations, we can be whatever we want to be!

During lunch Robbie Dee came in and had lunch. We were lucky enough for him to come to our classroom and interview us for the radio. Has asked us all about our plans for the future and the types of jobs we wanted to be and why.

Following this we went to a big assembly where we could interview Robbie Dee and had a mini awards presentation. We can’t wait to see what the rest of U Can Shine brings to our class. Listen out for  us on the radio Friday morning! IMG_1185

We Are the Robots

The children in Ennerdale have been programming the lego robots to respond to a touch sensor!

Photo 04-04-2014 09 53 02

The children had to build the touch sensor and attach it to the front of the robot. Then they used the NXT software to program the sensor so that the robot stops when it bumps into something – ingenious!

Photo 04-04-2014 09 41 34

Declan and Harrison show off their finished sensor.


On Wednesday we did gardening and we planted carrots and leeks the leek seeds were black.then we went in to the fruit garden it was cool.last Some people got to pick weeds.